Amelia Earhart

23 10 2009

My grandfather, Cyril Webster, shakes hands with Amelia Earhart to congratulate her on her recent engagement.

In honor of the new movie, Amelia, I thought I’d post this photo of my grandfather, Cyril Webster, shaking hands with Amelia Earhart in Cleveland, OH to congratulate her on becoming engaged.


Birthdays: From cards to Facebook walls

22 02 2009

Yesterday was my 31st birthday.

I received 5 birthday cards – 3 with money – and nearly 100 posts to my Facebook wall.

I don’t know about you, but I still prefer getting a card. The written word is much more personal.

But don’t get me wrong…Facebook has simplified our lives and allows us to keep in touch with more friends. What used to take a birthday calendar, Hallmark card, stamp and few dozen thoughtful words, now takes the ability to hit the send button.

I’m sure there will soon be an application allowing us to post automatic birthday greetings. I hope it doesn’t drive Hallmark out of business.

The hardest speech I’ve ever given

31 12 2008

My grandfather died on Saturday – a few hours before I made it home. Below are the words I spoke at his memorial service. Isle of View, the title of the speech, is what my grandfather used to write at the bottom of every letter he sent to my grandmother in college (say it three times fast and you’ll get it). Although incredibly emotional, I’m glad I was able to speak. It’s a moment that will live with me always.

Isle of View

Fond memories of summer vacation in Whitefish, Christmas on the tree farm, grueling games of Oh Heck, losing rounds of Ping pong, early morning tennis, a staple diet of bran muffins and prunes.

Charles, Chuck, Grandpa, Pepa, Dad, Daddy, Pop, Chuckles. He had many names, but there was one thing he considered us…competition. Whether it was early in the morning on the tennis court or late at night around the card table, Grandpa was always challenging us to do our best and at least try and beat him. Few of us were successful.

He was so many things to so many people – a father, a brother, a husband, an engineer, a magician – it took me years to figure out his thumb trick – he was a mentor, a volunteer, a Sunday school teacher, a basketball player, and last but not least a grandfather. He touched so many lives.

I will miss you Grandpa. I won’t be able to spell without you sounding out the words for me and will probably never be able to finish an entire crossword puzzle again. You taught me so much and will continue to be a good role model for my life. I’m thankful I knew such a great man.

Delivered by Eric Porterfield on Sunday, December 28, 2008 at Charles Porterfield’s memorial service at Westminster United Methodist Church.

TweetsGiving: Fundraising using Twitter

25 11 2008


Epic Change is trying something new. They’re trying to raise $10,000 in 48 hours for a classroom in Tanzania. TweetsGiving is the name of their campaign. It launched today at 12pm and ends on Thursday, Nov 27 at 12pm. The video about the school will get you to donate alone – it uses post-it notes and a catchy tune to tell the story about how the school was torn down by developers and rebuilt by Epic Change.

To learn more, follow their tweets on Twitter and even post what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving while you’re at it. I applaud their efforts to show the world that social media can be used as a successful fundraising tool. Bravo.

McCain on Economy: “I still need to be educated”

21 09 2008

The current administration is making plans for a record bailout – a $700 billion rescue plan for Wall St – to help solve the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. This plan would put us in unchartered waters – a record national debt causing even more dependency on foreign governments and even more job loss (600,000 since the beginning of 2008). I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat, generations of Americans will be paying for Wall Street’s mistakes for years to come. Our next president must be well versed and knowledgeable in economics. Watch this video and decide for yourself.

Bloomingdale’s Georgetown to Open in 2011

10 09 2008

Bloomingdale’s has announced that it will a new store in the Shops at Georgetown Park by August 2011. The new three-level store will be modeled after Bloomingdale’s Soho in Manhattan. This is undoubtedly a big plus for the Georgetown mall, which currently has stores such as, Express and Dean & DeLuca.

Biking in DC just became easier with SmartBikes

15 08 2008

Leave your walking shoes at home and instead pack your biking helmet. For only $40 a year, you can now bike around DC on a SmartBike. The bike stands are located throughout DC (Logan Circle, Dupont, Shaw, Foggy Bottom, Downtown, etc.) and will undoubtedly expand as more people discover the service.

Renting bikes is very popular in Europe. Tourists can bike down the Champs-Elysees in record time or students can sleep in and still make it to class on time. Hopefully this will provide an alternative for tourists in DC, finally putting an end to the segway tours and help people take off a few inches in the process.